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I Am An Evolving Human

If I could summarize who I am in just a few sentences, I would say, I have loved, lost, failed, succeeded, experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows, have been embarrassed and revered, been ashamed and validated. This should sound familiar to you because it means you're human too!

The human experience is personal. It's profound. It's something we all work through in our own ways. Some of us are perfectly content while others are in search of clarity, purpose and meaning. If you are the latter, we should talk.

Years of living with limited beliefs and trying to overcome imposter syndrome led me to the desire to pursue a life intent with purpose. I spent the majority of my life dealing with self-sabotage and lacking confidence; thinking that my achievements and the pursuit of my own definition of success would lead to happiness.


When I acquired all the things I thought would make me happy (the amazing husband, the financial freedom & even an opportunity to help animals), I hit a wall. I looked at my life and saw the fruits of my labor, but it didn't fulfill or satisfy me. My success just made me want more success; thinking that it wasn't enough, I worked harder, more strategic and with more intent, but even that still made me feel unworthy.

A colleague suggested I speak to his coach. I went in uncertain of what the coaching partnership could do for my outlook. All the pieces were there, but I just couldn't put them together in a way that inspired me. Through this process, I found my way toward becoming a certified coach myself. After years of training, mentoring and running a successful business, it was time for me to level up and become the resource I was meant to be. 

My journey is my own. It has been educational, awe inspiring, spiritual, pragmatic, challenging, messy and glorious...all at the same time!  

As I continue to embrace my authenticity and grow into my potential, there is always a new challenge awaiting me. This is why they say that "Life is a journey, not a destination." 

I've been there. I understand. I look forward to helping you pave your path.

Oh, you may be wondering why I chose a squirrel as the representative for my coaching brand. Well, you'll have to read my blog for the whole story, but squirrels are incredibly smart, resourceful and resilient and so are YOU!

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My Professional Journey So Far

Meet Heather: Testimonials

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Heather is a Certified by the Jay Shetty Certification School and is a member of the Association for Coaching.

These programs operate in agreement with the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors.

"My journey of personal and professional grown has had an exponential impact on my life. I can now bring the freedom, joy and power of that impact to the lives of others."

- Heather Srodek

Coaching Journey

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