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Balanced Reflection of 2021

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

As I approach the end of another year on this thing spinning over 1,000 miles/hour, I am humbled by how far I've come. The year began like any other: resolutions, promises, plans, but it took a few twists and turns along the way.

I stuck to my health regimen and lost weight through mindful eating and regular exercise (I actually began that journey in October 2020), but as I shed just over 20 lbs from my body, the end of the first quarter of 2021 would show me how I could shed noise and unwanted thoughts from my mind and heart.

I discovered my passion in 2021. I knew I would find it eventually, but something happened in March 2021 that brought me to a place I never imagined. My sisters introduced me to a fantastic book by Jay Shetty - Think Like A Monk. Now, I've read TONS of books on mindset, self-help, productivity, focus, you name it, so going into this read was not at all an unusual step for me. What was different this time, you ask? Well, this time - this time...I WAS READY! Ready to take it all in. Ready to receive the information, to process the signals the universe was sending my way. Ready to ride the wave of my own journey.

I was just reading a book! That's all! Then, it hit me. I'm good at what I do (great, actually) and the people I serve appreciate me, but I don't feel fulfilled. What can I do about that? What's my purpose? How do I gain clarity on that? As I read the book, I began to reflect, journal and meditate in an effort to process the noise in my head. Then, it came to me - eureka! I am meant to help other people find their potential.

I had been mentoring, training and consulting for years, so coaching was the one thing that made sense. I began doing research; talking with my own coach (love that guy), then as I was researching, it popped up...The Jay Shetty Certification School. How is it even possible that the author of the book that brought me to this point has a certification school? A legitimate school that offers certification that transfers to the Association for Coaching for Accreditation? I did my research, had the necessary conversations with those who mattered most (my husband and coach) and I signed up!

What an amazing experience it's been! I've been on this journey of self-discovery for so long and it's finally falling into place. I jumped in with both feet. Still working in my real estate business (with my best sales year yet, thank you to my loyal supporters) I dove into the program. I dove into it all, the content, the meetings, the practice, the study, everything I could that would give me what I needed to be the best version of myself possible.

Then, CURVEBALL! Nope, it can't ever just be easy, right? A health issue sidetracked me in August and I put the proverbial brakes on it all. Goodbye big plans including vacations, study groups, launching a new business - you name it! There's nothing like a health issue, major surgery, limited mobility and recovery period to put things into perspective. A night in the hospital, the inability to lift or exercise for 6-8 weeks and I was just plain depressed! Talk about a wake up call! How did I handle it, you ask? Well, I continued my meditation practice to maintain my composure and had met with my coach as well. Despite my efforts I had lost momentum and motivation. While all of this is to be expected given the circumstances, I spent a bit of time feeling sorry for myself and feeling inadequate.

Then my coach said something profound to me - he said, your curriculum right now is what you are going through. This suffering, pain and mental anguish will make you a stronger human and coach. That really resonated with me. Though still difficult, I told myself that this was where I was and I found a way to gain peace from MY process, MY NEW JOURNEY. It wasn't what I had expected or hoped, but it was MINE and I owned it!

After a two month hiatus, I regained my motivation. I was stronger mentally and I focused on getting my physical strength back. I am on my way toward great things for me and my clients. I am more resilient now because of the curveball. I am more adaptable because things did not go my way. I am more patient now because I had no choice. I am more present now because it's the only thing that matters to me in my everyday.

Learning to love and value the process versus the destination has been a huge win for me this year. As I approach another year on earth, this Evolving Human is ready to bring all she has learned to the world. I can't wait to look back next year to see how I've grown and how far I've traveled down the road on my journey.

So long 2021. You'll be like a true friend to me always. Thank you for all you've taught me. The lessons have not fallen on deaf ears and I promise to take them with me into 2022 and beyond.

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