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Daily Reflections: The Power of the Words "I Get To"

Today, I woke up thinking of all the things I "have to do" for the day.

I went about my normal routine. Made my coffee, prepared morning smoothies and lunch for my husband, placed a few fruits and veggies in a ramekin for Sammy the squirrel and then sat down for my morning meditation.

I found myself distracted today and was unable to be fully present. It's ok. I'm not judging myself because this happens quite a bit. I still get what I need from my practice even on days when I cannot be fully present.

During this time, I reflected; thinking that I don't have to do these things...I get to do these things.

This thought was fleeting and I went on my neighborhood walk on a steamy summer morning. I listened to my audible book (Humankind by Rutger Bregman - in case you were wondering).

It wasn't until I got back, showered and went in to visit Sammy that it really set in. I get to do so many wonderful things every second of everyday. That healthy breakfast is a luxury for some. Having a relationship with a non-releasable squirrel who loves to wrestle, snuggle and play - now that's a big "get to!"

I get to experience my days and nights as someone who has a level of awareness she never did before and that is pretty amazing.

So, the next time you feel you have to do something, try the power of the switch and flip the script from "have to" over to "get to." The more you do it, the more gratitude you will experience in your world and the world of those around you.

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