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The Call to Coaching

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Those who know me from my work know me as a successful real estate professional. They know me as someone who takes care of them, communicates with them, is always there for them. Being a real estate agent has provided me the ability to meet so many interesting people and the thing I love most about it is problem solving. I've always been a believer that I should be part of the solution NOT the problem. In an industry that is fast-paced and always evolving, I found myself wanting more.

More? You say? Well, I wanted to have more purpose. I wanted to make a greater impact. After spending the last several years working with a life/career coach myself, I became very aware that the sense of self that came along with being coached resonated with me on another level.

During that time, I had several colleagues come to me for mentorship, training, & support. I was asked to teach classes on productivity and organization and was asked to be on panels at regional meetings and conferences to discuss success strategies with my peers. I attended sales seminars, mindset seminars, self-help workshops, you name it.

It didn't resonate immediately. It took some time. Then one all clicked! I was working with my coach to determine my next steps in my current role, and then it hit me like a truck! I need to pursue coaching.

I did the research, found some great information and am now working on my first coaching certification. Starting over again is both scary and invigorating. I am overwhelmed and excited.

During my training, I have met with several individuals who have become such great teachers. I'll bet you didn't know that coaches learn from their clients, did you? Well, we do. When you grow, we grow. Like planting a seed and watering it, our partnership strengthens us both. When working with a client, there is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that my presence, my patience, my ability to listen and have an inquisitive nature will go with them wherever they go. To see them feel in control of a part of their lives they never thought possible and to see REAL CHANGE is my big WHY.

When you are ready to find your bit WHY. Let me know. It would be my honor and privilege to help you tackle your next challenge. I continue to tackle mine daily, so just remember, it's not about the's all about the journey.

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