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Practicing Kindness

Kindness is contagious. It's also good for your heart! According to Dr. Bhawani Ballamudi of SSM Health, "Research shows that kindness can be cardioprotective. It can decrease blood pressure and cortisol, a stress hormone, which directly impacts stress levels. Oxytocin releases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels and thereby reduces your blood pressure and improves heart health."

It takes little effort, yet it can seem as if there's no time. A great first step toward being kind is to practice self-compassion. By being kind to yourself, you're likely to see it spill over to those you love. On the flip-side, if self-compassion is something you struggle with, being kind to others helps you experience the power of kindness and can improve your conversations with yourself.

Here are a few ways to practice kindness today:

  1. Smile at others: Smiling is contagious. Offer acknowledgement to those you know and don't know through this simple act and elevate your mood instantly!

  2. Offer to be of service: Asking for help can be difficult for so many. Offering to do the smallest thing could make someone's day.

  3. Listen: Often times, a friend, colleague or client just needs to be heard. Take time to be present and listen to someone in need. Here's a tip: If you rearrange the letters in the word LISTEN it spells SILENT.

  4. Check in on someone: It only takes a moment for you, but could mean the world to them. With all the technology we have at our fingertips, it won't take long, but could mean the world to someone else.

  5. Be kind to yourself: As mentioned above, take time to show yourself some kindness. Give yourself permission to be yourself - not perfect - just you. By doing so, the kindness will flow even more.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and I'd love for you to share your experiences with me. Remember, You Are Resourceful! It's all within you!

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