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Tapping Into My Super Powers Part I

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

When I was a child, I wasn't drawn to the typical comic book super heroes. No, I wasn't a Wonder Woman fan or a follower of The Amazing Spider Man. I was always drawn to The Hardy Boys and the Nancy Drew Mysteries. They were heroes to me. Everyday heroes, in search of justice for the average human. Using the skills of problem solving, teamwork and determination to solve the case, free the prisoner and put the bad guy behind bars. Though I don't watch much TV as an adult, I Ironically enough am still drawn to the same type of television formatting.

While I'm not necessarily solving crimes as a coach, I am helping my clients solve lifelong challenges. As I do so, I find I am solving my own as well. Every client brings a new perspective to the session. Their perspective. Being an observer of their worldview is an honor and a privilege in more ways than I ever thought possible.

To get into a coaching mindset and become a resource for my clients, I felt the need to do my own inner work. I joined a coaching program that was centered around "doing the work" as we call it in the coaching world. Boy, was I in for a treat. The Sour Patch Kid kind that bites you in the back of the jaw!

Inner work is something I've avoided for years. Who am I kidding? I've avoided it my entire life! I used to be unbearable! I had a negative attitude, was known for taking everything personally and would sometime resort to outbursts. I felt that if I couldn't get something from the situation or the person I was interacting with, I was wasting my time.

l of course, "solved" these issues through justification. I was negative because life wasn't fair. The outbursts were warranted (the old "she started it" approach). The lack of desire to connect was because I just didn't like someone's vibe or they might take too much of my precious time. The inner work just wasn't for me and, quite frankly, it wasn't necessary. There wasn't anything wrong. It was never me - always them! I was taking so much more than giving and it was causing me a lot of pain.

As I really began to dive in, I had to admit to myself that I was oh, so wrong! The common denominator in all of the scenarios above (and then some) was ME. I was getting in the way of my own happiness and progress as an evolving human. Uncovering this was only the tip of the iceberg. When I had an opportunity to shine a light on the darkness of my behaviors and my worldview, that's when I broke down. I realized that I not only created the world I existed in, but I could transform it just the same.

As a lover of reading and absorbing mindset related content, I knew the next step was to reflect. I took to my journal. I began to detail my feelings in ways I never had before. I was never properly introduced to my emotions as a child. What I mean by that, is, like many, I was never educated on what my emotions meant, what they were capable of and that I could actually have a certain amount of control over them.

Discovering that I needed to reign in my emotions and impulses was a jumping off point for me. This is when I really began to tap into the super power of self-regulation. I found it through routine. Building habits that support the life I WANTED to live, not the one I WAS living. This was all part of my journey toward both becoming a coach and becoming...ME. Though I'm still a work in progress, finding what works for me was key.

I'll admit, I feared change. I thought that I would be unrecognizable in some ways. I also feared the loss that can come with change. There are always causalities where personal growth is involved. I've had a few, but in the long run, it was just a matter of time. My desire to upgrade my life just expedited the process a bit!

Does fear of my continued growth still exist in my world? I will answer with a resounding YES! The more I change, the more aware I become of what I really want and to be honest, getting closer to finding that out creates a different kind of fear. The big difference, however, is that now, I know how to self-regulate my emotions to rationally address my obstacles in a way that works for me.

Self-regulation. It is one of my newly discovered Super Powers that allows me to get out of my own way and just do it already!

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