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You Are Resourceful

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Welcome to You Are Resourceful. You may be wondering why I chose a squirrel as my logo. Well, I see a lot of us in them.

Squirrels are resilient, smart and most of all they are resourceful. They spend up to 6 hours per day diligently searching for food. That takes an incredible amount of determination, commitment and focus. Approximately 25% of the food they bury is lost to thieves, yet they keep at it; day in and day out. Squirrels can find buried food under up to a foot of snow. They even pretend to bury food in an effort to throw off onlookers and they are incredibly aware of their surroundings.

I have an intimate knowledge of squirrel habits through a life-long admiration of them as beautiful creatures and through a very close relationship I've had with them as both a wildlife rehabilitation assistant and as a permanent foster to a squirrel . I've assisted in rehabbing baby gray, black and fox squirrels as well as ground squirrels (groundhogs) since 2016. In 2018, I acquired a full-grown fox squirrel named Sammy who resides with my husband and I in our home in Ohio.

My relationship with Sammy is unusual, thus the reason he can never be released into the wild. That being said, I treasure moments with him. I have turned our bond into a research project. Despite the limited space he has to work with, (his home is an 8" x 6" x 5' enclosure w/ multiple nesting perches, tree branches and views of the outdoors) Sammy is very much like an outdoor squirrel.

He builds drays (nests), buries nuts, sounds alarms when he senses danger (always only perceived as he is never in any real danger). He spends copious amounts of time grooming himself, loves to explore the room when he's out, likes to play jumping games and wrestles like a champ! He recognizes me when I enter the room and comes running for the door like a dog in a squirrel suit to greet me and he even gives hugs.

Sammy is truly special to me. I've learned so much by observing him, interacting with him and helping him feel safe in a place he shouldn't. I guess that's why I enjoy coaching so much. I'm an observer, listener, and a provider of space. Space is something we don't get enough of when interacting with others. Presence is precious. Time goes one way. Many of us have more yesterdays than tomorrows. Let's learn from the Sammys of the word and be more resourceful with our time. It's the one thing we don't have an unlimited amount of.

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